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A fashion space for everyone who values the two most essential S in fashion, STYLE and SUSTAINABILITY! Welcome to Singapore's first open space for SWAPPING, UPCYCLING, TAILORING, and LEARNING FASHION TRICKS.

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Social Swapper


Not sure whether to commit long term? Try a month of unlimited swapping!


- 1 Month Unlimited Swapping 

- 5% off for all services, workshops and products 

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Swap Lover


A month is too short, right? Get the 3 months membership for unlimited swapping!


- 3 Months Unlimited Swapping 

- 10% off for all services, workshops and products

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Swap Addict


Caught in between? Get the 6 months membership to unlimited swapping!


- 6 Months Unlimited Swapping 

- 20% off for all services, workshops and products 


Alternatively, if you haven’t tried swapping, you can get started by subscribing to a One Time Swap for only $35!


- Handover 10 fashion items (max) to us in exchange for points that you can use to swap any items you love.