The Fashion Pulpit
A fashion space for everyone who values the two most essential S in fashion, STYLE and SUSTAINABILITY! Welcome to Singapore's first open space for SWAPPING, UPCYCLING, TAILORING, and LEARNING FASHION TRICKS.

How It Works



How it works is very simple. Activating your membership packages directly enables you to enjoy all the services offered, however, if you don’t want to commit just yet, no problem- we’ve got an a la carte payment basis in which you can pick the service that suits you best! The entire process is similar to retail shopping but this way, it’s guilt-free.


Go through your wardrobe

You probably have items in your wardrobe you’re never going to use anymore, some may even be brand new! Sort out the items you would like to swap and make sure they’re in great condition. We accept clothing of any size, brand and style, accessories, bags and shoes too. 


Choose a membership

We have a variety of memberships you can choose from, to get started. From one time swaps to six months of unlimited swapping, we have it all! Simply come down to our studio or send us an email on your chosen membership and we’ll sign you right up. 

Do take note, that the number of clothes you can bring in depends on your chosen membership. 


Start Swapping!

Bring in your items to our studio, we will conduct a quality check and assess the number of points you will receive based on the style, brand and quality of your items. The number of points you receive then act as a budget to your swapping basket. All you need to do left is grab a swap bag and start swapping!

Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!


Still unsure how the swap works? Watch Charlotte Mei as she guides us on how to swap and have fun while doing it!